Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us.

Our processes are seamless and within days and weeks applications are dealt with. We guarantee 95% success rates in most of the funding application requests. Our process of independent individual or corporate background check is straight forward and only limited to identifying the legal identity of the loan applicant and to ensure the corporate entity has a required permit to operate. We are more interested in the positive outlook on your new project and plans and as such your Bad or Poor Credit Report has little or no effect on prospective applicants and applications. We are more or less interested in creating new mutual successes. We are always very discreet and your privacy always guaranteed.

Brokers and financial intermediaries are important, we however have restrictions on the number of broker participations in transactions, this is to reduce the exposure of our clients to huge broker fees which may arise from both borrower and lender parties.

No, we Don’t. Part of our managed portfolios are Private Equity Funds for both public and private organizations. Our principals are more interested in the ROI on all investments or financing provided to our clients and partners. Our participation in our Finance Partner’s project is limited to ROI oversight.

Yes, we do. As all institutions fees remain integral in the process of administration and management of Funding application processes. Our Management fee starts at 2.0% of the principal amount and will be retained by us after funding approval and balance released to successful applicant. Other administrative charges which include and not limited to local search and vetting of individual and corporate entity titles will be borne by prospective Funding applicants.

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